Metal Fabrication Services

Lucas Engineering and Fabrication - steel fabricators serving the West Yorkshire area and beyond.

From our fabrication workshop in Glasshoughton, Castleford, West Yorkshire, our highly skilled staff can produce a wide variety  products, catering for a very wide ranging customer base. 

Our workshop is 36m long X 30m wide with a 14m Span 5t Over Head Crane working the full length of the workshop

Below is a photo of our workhop

Our workshop is fully equiped with modern fabrication equipment and welding plant, below is a brief list of equipment we have

  • Pillar Drills
  • 3000x10 thk Guilotine
  • 60t CNC Press Brake
  • 70t Universal Ironworker
  • 2 No Band Saws
  • 3 No TIG welding Machines
  • 6 No MIG Welding Machines
  • Plate Rolls

 We also work along side local companies that provide us with the following when required-

  • Water Jet Profile Cutting
  • Laser Profile Cutting
  • Precision Machining

All our work is carried out to the highest standards, we appreciate all our customers no matter how small or large and do our best to ensure we work to their specific needs with a view to having a long lasting working relationship. Ultimatley becoming a company that they can trust to ensure we meet their current and future needs

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